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On Monday, February 26th, Shasta County Superintendent, Judy Flores, honored students from around the county at the first annual Every Student Succeeds event.  Representing Enterprise Elementary School District was Ryder Holmes.  His story of overcoming obstacles with grit and determination is powerfully motivating.  Ryder's positivity and tenacity inspire us all and remind us that love always wins.

Thank you, Ryder and his amazing mother, Robin, for sharing your inspirational story!

Students watching the eclipse
Scotti Gleason

The eclipse of 2017 proved to be a memory-maker for the students at Shasta Meadows Elementary School.  Though the eclipse occurred just 3 days into the new school year, Shasta Meadows teachers were ready with solar eclipse glasses for every student and lesson plans ranging from the most simplistic for our Kindergarten students to the detailed for 5th graders.  Students gazed up in amazement as they watched the moon pass in front of the sun.  Many of the upper grades for whom earth science is a content standard extended lessons over the course of the next few weeks with fresh enthusiasm and a new understanding of the wonder of our solar system.

Eclipse Picture

Students watching eclipse


Shasta Meadows Launches Lunch Bunch
Scotti Gleason

Shasta Meadows gives a voice to the students on the lunch menu.

Melon anyone?

Shasta Meadows Launches Lunch Bunch

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant?  Want to help decide what is served for school lunch?  Have an interest in sampling new menu items and getting the opinions of other students at our school?  Then Lunch Bunch is the club for you!  This group of students meets every few weeks with their advisors, Mrs. Dennison and Mrs. Hunt.  They work with our cooks, Ms.Kathy and Ms. Armida to decide what food Items to offer as samples to the lunch crowd. 

They can then offer feedback as to what was a crowd favorite and what items might be a “thumbs down” from our patrons.  Some of the comments that I heard as Lunch Bunch was offering samples were, “I feel like we are in a fancy restaurant,” and “This is really cool,” along with, “This is better than watermelon.”  Keep coming back for more taste testing.  Look for our foodies in their new green Lunch Bunch t-shirts coming soon.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Scotti Gleason

Shasta Meadow's school garden is teaching students how to grow their own food. 

Students prepare the soil for our winter garden.…How Does Our Garden Grow?

Well, first of all, it starts with a teacher that has a passion for students to experience growing their own food from seed to meal.  Ms. Weinstein has been managing our school garden beds for several years.  Each year her 4th-graders begin by amending the soil in late September. 

Ms. Weinstein's class plants seeds for our winter garden.
Ms. Weinstein's class plants seeds.

Soon, they will plant several varieties of greens (lettuce and kale to name a couple) plus green beans, carrots, and radishes.  Over the weeks of winter, they tend this garden thinning the seedlings, plucking the weeds and watering by hand when rain is scarce.  If all goes well, sometime in late March or early April they will harvest, a process that involves every class member’s efforts (picking, several rounds of leaf washing, drying and trimming).  Then, they all bring a salad topping, dressing or pairing and enjoy a meal together.  This process involves the time and efforts of several volunteers (parents and family members) who are invited to enjoy the feast.

Annabella holds a packet of carrot seeds.
Annabella Mattera

Bon Appetit!