Principal's Weekly Message


Scotti Gleason




Hello Families,

This is Ms. Gleason with this week’s deets.  I have 4 things to share.

First of all, earlier this year I reminded everyone that our campus does not open until 7:15 am.  There are a (very) few staff members who are here before 7:15, but they are not available to supervise children and therefore, any children left before 7:15 are here with no one to watch out for their safety.  I just want to thank everyone for changing habits and schedules. We've seen a great improvement in the number of kids here before 7:15 each day.

Secondly, our parent club’s annual Cookie Dough and Believe Catalog sales have officially kicked off.  Sales continue until September 27th. Remember that this is our school’s main fundraiser and that besides prizes and trinkets, students are working to sell 8 items so they can silly string me and a few brave teachers again this year.

Third, our Cross Country team is all set for a great half-season.  All paperwork was due last Friday, and Mr. K reports that we have about 50 students on the team.  Practice starts this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school. Students should meet at the snack tables.  Parents can attend the practice, but we do ask that you park in a parking spot and not leave your vehicle in the pick up loop during practice.

Finally, our PTO would like to promote their Facebook page.  Follow and like them at Shasta Meadows PTO. When they reach 100 followers, they will be giving away a Tiger T shirt, the more followers, the more prizes given.  

Have a great afternoon!

Scotti Gleason


Good Afternoon,


This is Ms. Gleason with your Sunday update.  I have just 4 important things to share:

#1- A huge thank you to the many families who came to Back to School Night.  I know how busy evenings can be (and how scary coming to school can be) for some of us.  We appreciate you and want you to know you’re always welcome here and if you missed your child’s teacher’s presentation, you can email him or her, call and leave a voicemail or make an appointment to meet with the teacher.  Check your child’s backpack every Friday or over the weekend and look for our Tiger folder which likely has a teacher’s newsletter and other important papers and communications for you. You can use this folder to communicate with us too.  Put your messages in it and send it back to school.

#2- Our reader board is now working.  I apologize that it was down, but it’s back up now and an easy way to look up as you drop off or pick up and see that latest reminders.

#3- Please return the yellow lunch forms by this Friday.  All meals are now free here at SM, but we must get a form from every parent in order to maintain our free status.

#4- Consider ordering a Tiger hoodie or t-shirt.  Order forms went home in the first day packet and are due by September 28th.  Don’t miss you chance to have a nice warm, Tiger sweatshirt to wear when the weather turns cool.  If you need another order form, we have them in the office.


Enjoy the day!