Principal's Weekly Message


Scotti Gleason

Good Afternoon, Families,
This is Ms. Gleason with your last Sunday message of the 2018-19 school year.  I have 6 things to tell you and they are all important so be sure to listen through to the end.
#1- Monday is a minimum day.  
#2- Tuesday is Sports Day.  If you have volunteered to help out that day, please report to room 3 at 7:45 am on Tuesday, 6/4.  The events begin at 8:30 and end at 10:45.  Students and volunteers will want to wear sunscreen and/or a hat.  Students will want to wear athletic shoes NOT water shoes or flipflops because the activities are sporty in nature though some do involve water, so you may want to tuck a dry pair of shoes into the backpack if you have a second pair in case your shoes get wet.  We will provide a snack station for students and we have water fountains for thirst.  It is difficult for students to haul a water bottle from event to event and not lose track of it.  
#3- 4th and 5th-graders go to the Aquatic Center on Wednesday and Waterworks Park on Thursday, so be sure those permission slips are signed and students have sunscreen and an extra t-shirt for those days.
#4- Friday is a minimum day as well with 12:45 dismissal.
#5- Parents are invited to view our end-of-the-year slideshow in the cafeteria on Friday at 8:30.  We will also find out who wins our attendance incentive scooters and we will celebrate our 5th-grade students who have been here since kindergarten (we call them the "old timers") as well as students with perfect attendance.  
#6- It has been a pleasure serving you this year as your principal.  I am excited to rest and prepare for another great school year which will begin on August 14th.  See you then!