Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule Beginning 9/21/2020

Shasta Meadows 20/21 Daily Schedule
Grade LevelStartRecessLunch (in cafe)Lunch (recess)*Dismissal
Kindergarten7:50:00 AM9:30-9:4010:45-1111:00-11:1512:30:00 PM
1st and 2nd7:50:00 AM9:45-9:5511:10-11:2511:25-4012:35:00 PM
3rd 7:50:00 AM10:02-10:1211:35-11:5011:50-12:0512:40:00 PM
SDC7:40/7:5010:02-10:1211:35-11:5011:50-12:0512:40:00 PM
4th and 5th7:40:00 AM10:15-10:2512:00-12:1512:15-12:3012:45:00 PM
Bus Riders
12:35:00 PM

Dismissal: older siblings dismiss to their youngest sibling's class at that class' dismissal time.*

Example: 4th-grade student has 2 siblings- 1 in K and 1 in 3rd. Both the 3rd-grader and the 4th-grader walk to their K sibling's class at 12:30 and wait with that class at their parent pick-up zone.

Parent pick-up zones will be spread throughout the campus and we will tell parents where to pick

up their children.